Vehicle Use


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How do I make changes to an existing reservation?
Select My Schedule
Click the magnifying glass icon to the left of the reservation you need to change
Request Changes

What hours can I pick up my vehicle?
Academic Year 8:00am-4:00pm
Summer Break 7:30am-3:30pm

     We are closed from 12-1pm

Why can't I schedule my vehicle to be picked up in the evenings or a Saturday or Sunday?
Vehicles can only be scheduled for pickup when the Rental Fleet Services staff are working. If you need to get your vehicle on an afternoon before you will be using the vehicle because of the hours, you can specify that in the comments section for your reservation request.  You won't be charged for a pick up date that is before your first date of use.

Why must I include a GL Account code when making my reservation?
Your GL Account is needed so that we can bill the correct department for motor pool charges. If you enter a GL Account Code and it comes back as "invalid" be sure that the object code 5700 a part of your GL Account number and that you are not using any dashes.  If not, it will not validate against the authorized codes in the system. If you still have trouble, you can write the account code in the comments section. The Agile FleetCommander administrator will add the budget code to the system.

What if my profile has me listed for one department, but I work in more than one department or am making reservations under a different budget code than for my department?
Profiles are set up with each person's primary Department Name and GL Account Number.  When making a reservation that is funded from a budget other than your primary budget, you can let us know the correct department (e.g., Grant or Research Award) by indicating this in the comments section of your reservation request.  The Agile FleetCommander Administrator will adjust the department and budget information for you when the reservation is approved.  This will save time for both the users and the administrators.

Whitman College Rental Fleet Services is located at Facilities Services, 804 Penrose Ave (across the street from the Organic Garden).