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Whitman College Fleet Services

Whitman College Fleet Services

All Drivers 

Please read & agree to the WC Driver Use Policies

v. July 1, FY2022-23

Driver eligibility, requirements

Driver & Requestor Responsibilities, planning the trip

Driver Responsibilities, during the trip

In case of accidents or vehicle problems

Driver Responsibilities, at the end of the trip




Driver Authorization, Driver eligibility requirements

  • All drivers must be an employee or a student at Whitman College.
  • All drivers must be fully vaccinated and comply with all COVID-19 precautions.
  • All drivers must be at least 19 years of age and have at least three years of experience (as demonstrated by license issue date).
  • All drivers must have contacted Environmental Health and Safety to arrange for a Motor Vehicle Record Check (MVR) in the state(s) where the driver has lived for the past two years.
  • All drivers must have received a positive rating from their MVR.
  • All drivers must enroll and complete Whitman College’s Defensive Driving course.

All drivers of Turtle Top vehicles must complete an additional course and an in-person driving practice to become certified to drive 10+ passenger vehicles. All driving courses are organized by the Environmental Health and Safety Department.


Driver & Requestor Responsibilities, planning the trip:

All trips using Whitman College-owned vehicles must have a process in place to communicate a real-time roster to the appropriate personnel in case of emergencies.

The roster should include, but not be limited to the below information.

  • The destination with GPS Coordinates (Copy+Code)
  • All occupants' full name, WID#
  • Faculty/Staff/ Trip leader information
  • Course Name
  • On-campus contact person who is aware of the Field Trip.

All trip locations should be approved by the requestor and driver.  The Turtle Top Vans are not recommended to be used for off-road travel, for extended driving on snow or ice, or when large accumulations of snow could be expected. The vans are easily damaged by rough roads and the group responsible for the rental will be charged for any incurred damage.**

Travelers in the winter should check weather and road conditions for their planned route prior to departure. If the conditions are dangerous and there is no available alternate route, the trip should be canceled. Trips canceled due to weather may not be charged a late cancel fee.

Fatigue is dangerous. If you get tired, don’t take a chance-take a break. Driver restrictions:

o   Drivers must take breaks every two hours.

o   Any trip longer than five hours requires at least two drivers per vehicle.

o   No one may drive for more than three hours, or more than two three-hour shifts each day.

o   Any time a driver begins to feel drowsy they must stop and either change drivers or take a short rest break.

o   All programs are strongly discouraged from traveling more than 600 miles or 12 hours in one day.

o   All programs should avoid driving between 12 am-6 am.

The requestor or driver should cancel reservations at least 2 business days in advance or a one-day rental fee may be assessed.  Cancellations may be completed on the Agile Fleet Commander Site or by calling 509-527-5999. You may leave a message after hours.

Driver Responsibilities, during the trip

  • The driver will ensure that the passengers are following current on-campus COVID protocols at all times.
  • The driver will tell the occupants where the disinfecting supplies are located and encourage occupants to disinfect their hands every time each occupant enters or exits the vehicle.
  • The driver will ensure that passengers wear seatbelts at all times.  
  • All cargo must be stowed and secured in the designated area prior to the vehicle moving.
  • Absolutely no alcohol or drugs are permitted in vehicles. No one should drive under the influence of these substances.
  • No pets are allowed in vehicles unless they are service animals.  Service Animals must be approved before the trip departure.
  • No smoking is allowed in vehicles.
  • Drivers shall not exceed 65mph. In addition, drivers should decrease speed when dictated by adverse conditions. Under no circumstances should drivers exceed the lower speed limit when more than one speed limit is posted.
  • Cell phone use is not allowed by a driver when the driver is operating a vehicle.
  • Headlights must be on while the vehicle is in motion.
  • The front passenger seat shall be reserved for someone who must remain awake and monitor the driver, roads, weather, and traffic.
  • Snow/Ice/Frost on Windows - It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure all windows in the vehicle are clear of snow, ice and frost before the vehicle is driven. Do not drive without fully cleared windows. Identify the defroster and other essential components before departure.

In case of accidents or vehicle problems:

Mechanical Problems

  • Call Facilities Services Office at (509) 527-5999 for assistance. After hours, please call the Facilities Mechanic cell phone at (509) 386-0046.
  • Do not attempt to change a flat tire on a Turtle Top Mini Bus. Jacks are not provided for them and you must call a professional service. Suburban SUVs or the Passenger Van You may change a tire on either a Suburban SUV or a Passenger Van; jacks and a spare tire are provided for these vehicles.
  • All Whitman College vehicles are insured. When renting a non-Whitman vehicle for official business, you are still covered under this policy and should decline any insurance offered by the rental agency.
  • Whitman-Rented Vehicle:  Contact your department head or administrative assistant to obtain a copy of an insurance card that you can take with you when using a rental vehicle from an outside agency. 
  • Whitman-Owned Vehicle:  Each vehicle has a current registration certificate and a copy of the vehicle's insurance card in the glove compartment.
  • To avoid vehicle issues, make sure you fully understand the vehicle components and where they are located, including, but not limited to: headlights, defroster, flares, jack, chains, mirror adjustment, seat adjustments, insurance cards, and registration, etc.









Driver Responsibilities, at the end of the trip: 

The driver will drive the vehicle back to the Rental Fleet Parking Area located at Facility Services, 804 Penrose Street. Please pull the vehicle forward until it touches the parking bumper.  Never back in vehicles.

Once parked, the driver will:

o   Check for any left belongings.

o   Ensure all windows are closed and locked.

o   Place any loose garbage in the vehicle wastebasket.

o   Remove the garbage bag from the vehicle.

o   Update the ending mileage and the date & time on the travel sheet (A fee will be charged if you do not provide this information).

o   Place all keys and paperwork in the Travel Bag.

o   Throw the garbage bag into the large trash cans located near the Service Window.

o   Give the Travel bag to Facilities or Security Staff. 

After-Hour Return Steps– If the vehicle will be returning after Rental Fleet Services business hours, the driver must provide follow these additional steps:

  • Email the trip’s Itinerary before departing to 
  • 20-30 minutes before arriving at the Facilities Parking lot, a passenger should call Security to inform them of the vehicle’s ETA.

Please remember that vehicle return is Security’s second priority over safety issues on campus. We appreciate your patience and planning.




Whitman College Rental Fleet Services is located at Facilities Services, 804 Penrose Ave (across the street from the Organic Garden).