Vehicle Use


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    Available Vehicles

  • 7 Turtle Top Buses - 6 Occupants, 5 passengers + Driver
  • 2 Suburban SUVs - 3 Occupants, 2 passengers + Driver 


    Rental Rates Fiscal Year 2020-21

$110 per day  Turtle Top Buses

$100 per day  Suburban SUVs

$  15 per day  Cargo Trailer


Rates do not include the cost of fuel which will be paid by the responsible party listed on the reservations.


    Late Cancel or No Show Fees

  •     Cancellations made 2 business days or more in advance will not be           charged any fees. 
  •     Cancellations made due to inclement weather, regardless of advanced       notice, will not be charged any fees.
  •     Cancellations made less than 1 business day in advance will incur a           $45 fee.
  •     No Shows will incur a 1 day rental cost charge

Please see Policies for additional information.


    Damages Fees 

Each Department listed on the reservation will be responsible for up to one-half  of the deductible if the vehicle is damaged while in your care. This includes damage to the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Collision Deductible: $2,500; Comprehensive Deductible: $1,000

In addition, each responsible group will be charged a $75 processing fee for every accident that needs repair.


    Miscellaneous Fees

  • Cleaning charges for vehicles returned in unsatisfactory condition of $25/ hour.
  • Fuel charges ($4.50/gallon-subject to change) for vehicles filled by the Rental Fleet staff.
  • A processing fee of $10 will be charged for each uncompleted Travel Sheet form. 



Whitman College Rental Fleet Services is located at Facilities, 804 Penrose Ave (across the street from the Organic Garden).